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“Live your dream” that’s what today’s post is all about. A few months ago Roel van Hoff and myself decided to team up and do a post about Roel and sneaker restoration. Now the time has finally come.
Roel made a choice a few years ago which led to him being on his way to live his dream today. After high school Roel decided to focus on learning a trade. A trade which I didn’t know was still popular among youngsters. Roel decided he was gonna be a cobbler and discovered that he was really talented. He started of repairing all kinds of shoes and excelled in his trade.

After some time he decided to focus on his passion… sneakers.
The love for kicks started in 2009 and as the years went by the sneakerlove only grew. This was all before he started his education in 2012. This education now allows him to repair sneakers and make Bespokes. The techniques he has learned, form the base for high quality sneaker restoration. It’s not just a hobby, it never was to Roel. It’s all part of a bigger picture. Roel’s ultimate goal is to set up his own sneaker brand.

But back to the present… This year Roel was named European Champion Sneaker Repair (2017).

A real accomplishment if you ask me, but having met Roel I’m not surprised. Roel is only 21 years old, but talking to him I saw an old soul who’s determination and drive really inspired me.
Nowadays Roel is busy doing sole swaps, repaint jobs, making Bespokes and doing all sorts of other sneaker fixing.

He can literally make an Air Max 1 from scratch, so there aren’t a lot of sneaker boo boos he can’t fix. The whole world is starting to get to know Roel and his talent and now his workshop is filled with exclusive kicks.

Knowing where I was going, I had to bring my Nike Air Max 90 “Brainpower” of which the midsole is in need of a repaint job. Roel is gonna work his magic and in a few weeks I’ll show of my newly painted babies in a before and after post, so stay tuned.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t want to kick in Roel’s sneaker closet door when I was there… Luckily he allowed me to. Roel knows the true meaning of quality over quantity. With a sneaker closet that counts about 50 pairs of kicks, he sure isn’t the biggest collector out there. But the pairs in his closet are CRAZY. Roel only buys the kicks he’s always wanted to have. For him it’s all about the nostalgia. I love how he doesn’t buy every release and he doesn’t follow the hype. For him it’s all about the way a certain pair of kicks makes him feel.

When I asked him which pair of kicks matches his personalty best, he pulled out the Acronym X Nike Lunar Force 1. He told me that these kicks match his personalty, because the are different. He loves all of the unnecessary details on the shoes. For example the zipper really hasn’t got a function, but it’s there anyway. Just because it’s possible. Roel loves thinking outside the box and that’s exactly what these kicks represent.

And of course I had to ask him about the kicks which bring him the best memories… Roel immediately brought up the Nike Air Max 1 “BRS”. He had been lusting after these babies for years. A friend of his owned a pair and and wanted Roel’s 8 Amsterdam X Saucony Shadow 6000 “Invictus”. They first established this trade wish around 2012, but never acted on it. Years later, around 2016, they discovered that they both still owned the pairs and  decided to trade them. So this was a deal that has been a long time coming. Lesson: Patience is key… I’ll try and remember that LOL.

I love being around people who follow their dreams and don’t let anything get in their way. Well I can tell you that Roel didn’t disappoint! He goes about his plans with a drive, but also in an honorable way. He is extremely talented, but stays humble. And I’ve said it before, he has an old soul and seems to truly understand the sneaker culture and sneakerlove.
So if you’re in need of a sneaker doctor, check out

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